Hey. We’re Omnidya.

Insurance hasn’t changed much over the years, and it definitely hasn’t kept up with modern technology. Omnidya was founded from a simple thought: What if we combined AI, data transparency, and a great customer experience, to make insurance fun and fully transparent?

Behind the Name
Behind the name.

Omnidya [‘omni’dya]

Omni [‘omni’]: coming from the latin root omnis, meaning all encompassing

Vidya [v’idya]: derived from Sanskrit meaning “correct knowledge”

Omnidya keeps money in your pocket and encourages you to drive safer.


The idea grew…

Our offering evolved from a next-level negotiation platform to hyper-personalized insurance with complimentary IoT devices.

Driven by the desire for positive change, we’re starting with auto insurance. Up next? Home insurance. After that?

Everything else.

become our mission
… and become our mission

Omnidya is advancing the insurance industry by leveraging emerging technologies to create a comprehensive, data-driven solution that is not only easy to use, but fun!“And since life is too short, we’ll make everything fun while we’re at it.”

Our Team

The faces behind your new favorite auto insurance company. It’s good to be a nerd.

Kumar Patel

Kumar Patel



Akshay Vachhani

Akshay Vachhani



Dave Thrash

Dave Thrash


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